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Visit here for ordering your to-Go Kits.
What's It About?

Pottery-To-Go is an exciting way to bring selected Paint You Own Pottery pieces to your home, school, daycare, Youth Groups, and camps!

Your Pottery -To-Go Kit includes your selected pottery piece, brushes, 6-8 pottery paint colors, and painting instructions all for the cost of the Pottery! Kits are returnable when you return the pottery. Extra pottery paint colors are available at $1 a pot.  Pottery is ready for pick-up 10 days after returned to HFA.

Who Can Use Pottery-To-Go Kits?

Anyone!  It's great for vacations, sick kids, visiting friends/family.  Even a great option for home parties, Sororities, Youth Groups, Day Cares, offices.....etc.

School Groups/Youth Groups/Day Cares

If you are a non-profit with a valid Tax Exempt form then you get 20% off your pottery selections!

How Do I Get It?

Swing on by the studio during our Open Studio Hours to see what we have, or check out our inventory online!  If you are looking for something special, with 2 weeks notice we can order the pieces in , just for you!

Curbside Pick-up

Here’s how it works. 1. Call the studio at 301-732-6943 to customize your To-Go Kit with pottery pieces, colors and pay using a credit card over the phone. 2. Let us know when you’ll be arriving to the studio for pick-up from your car and we’ll bring out your Kit. 3. Pottery will be ready for pickup in one week once the kit is returned. 

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Collection of Projects

Below are examples our pottery shelves. Average price per piece is $30+tax. Our most accurate inventory is in the studio, as it changes quite regularly. We're working on getting our on-line store back to being current.

Pottery Options
Display of Pottery
Display of possibilities
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